Otter Scouts

Otter Scouts


Otter Motto: “Busy and Bright”

Otter is the youngest section of BPSA-US, for scouts age 5-7. Otters learn useful family skills, community skills, and learn to play safely together while being introduced to scouting and preparing for the Timberwolf program.

The Otter section is known as the Raft, has 25-32 scouts, and is led by both a female and male Otter Leader. The Otter Raft is sub-divided into Dens made of 6-8 children. The active participation of adult leaders is needed to ensure we can support and grow the 636th.

Section Schedule Meetings

Otters: Both the Raft and the Den meets once a month, usually two Sundays.

Otter Uniform

Hat: red ball style cap with the Otter Badge centered on the front Shirt: red long-sleeve jersey with no collar, sleeves rolled up or down Pants: Either long style cargo pants or shorts of an approved color: dark blue, khaki, green or gray Socks: any plain color (not white) Shoes: brown or black Belt: Brown webbing or leather

BPSA-US also has links to get articles of the uniform.


Resources for Otter Leaders

purchase a coil bound for $10

Field Book for Otters — A soft-bound workbook for Otters to keep track of badge requirements, answer questions about what they’ve done, etc.

Friends of the Forest, the story on which the Canadian Beaver program is built (and subsequently, our Otter program).

A Book for the Eager Beavers, a companion story to Friends of the Forest.