636th All Scouts Fall CAMP OUT! ?>

636th All Scouts Fall CAMP OUT!

On top of Mt Tabor, all covered in trees, we are the 636th and we are here to please!

It is that time again for the 636th All Scouts Fall CAMP OUT! A fun-filled weekend Camp for the 636th’s Chippies, Otters, Timberwolves, Pathfinders, Rovers and their families. I hope you can join us for the day or overnight!

We will have a full program of fun activities that begin on Sat Oct 7th and end on Sunday Oct 8th at noon. Rovers and Pathfinders begin camp Friday afternoon on Oct 6th.
Milo McIver State Park
24101 S Entrance Rd
Estacada, OR 97203

Please complete this survey so we may best plan the campout.

$15 per camper with a max of $50 per family. Click below for payment through PayPal. $5 per camper if they are NOT participating in meals.

Campers WITH food
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Campers NO food
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You may also donate for those who need scholarship.

– Otters must camp with Parents/Guardians. We encourage Timberwolves to sleep in a tent by themselves or with a Timberwolf that identifies as the same gender (camping with Parents/Guardians in family camp is always welcome too.) Sharing a tent with an adult outside of your family unit or a TW of a different identifying gender is not permitted.
– Timberwolf parents: if staying to camp overnight, please enjoy the surrounding areas while your Timberwolf is in activities during the day and feel free to join us at meal times and for Campfire at night.
– If you need to borrow camping gear or a scholarship, please contact our GSM Linda at: 636thgsm@gmail.com
Things to NOT bring: electronics, pets, firearms, alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, and all illegal substances are not allowed at camp.